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Internet Marketing in a Web 2.0 World


I started building web sites in 1994, when I put one of the world’s first organic gardening sites on line. I found that I was winning searches on the early search engines, and getting what was then a lot of traffic. Friends started asking me to help them come up on the search engines, and a side-line career was born. It was more of a hobby, really, and most of my work was on my own sites.

I was working as a stage technician then, but have recently developed osteoarthritis, which ended the heavy lifting. So, now I do this full time and seriously, and this blog is a reflection of that seriousness. I’ve been blogging about internet marketing for a while now, and have scattered thoughts on the subjects at random blogs, none of which I’m happy with. Through the years, I’ve developed a preference for open source software, so here I am.

One of the blogs I developed but can’t stand is my Supak Blogs for Small Business Blogs blog, over at Bloglines. It’s not very flexible or reliable, as bloglines is essentially just an rss reader. But it was The Thing in the early days of blogging, and I put up a lot of posts about how blogging can help small businesses. But you have to wade through the calendar to find them, there’s no real index unless you know how to use google to pull them up. And nothing’s more embarassing than telling someone you have a lot of info there, and they can’t find it.

I also have a little blog about getting higher search engine ranks through SEO, but it’s a site, and is seriously old school as well, although not as bad as Bloglines. In the coming weeks, I’ll be pulling the best posts from those sites and either posting them here, or making permanent pages out of the more pertinent info. I hope it helps people who are considering hiring me understand what it is, exactly, that I do.

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