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Integrating the Old News



I’d been meaning to start an internet marketing blog for a long time. I had a blog at Bloglines about how blogs can help small businesses, but I was never really happy with it. I couldn’t customize it. It didn’t keep posts on the front page very long. It has a lot of users, and I’m sure some people found me because of it, but it just wasn’t cutting the mustard for me.

Recently, a friend asked me to explain to a potential client how blogging can help. I sent him to the Bloglines site, and he said there was nothing there. Just a big white page. Well, that did it. I huredly put up a post so what I needed was there, but I promised myself I’d build this blog to fill that empty spot in my portfolio.

And here it is. When I blog here about how blogs can help small businesses, I’ll cross post it over there. But this is going to be the official internet marketing site for me now, and I’ll be stuffing it full of information about how you can use the internet to get more business. Internet marketing is about so much more than search engine optimization these days.

As I said before, I’m going to be bringing some of the better posts from that old blog over here. Here’s one now:

Yes, Any Business Can Use A Blog

If you want to communicate with customers, a blog will help. No matter what your business, if you have return customers or mostly first time customers, if you sell a product or service, your business can use a blog to better communicate with your customers and clients.

Even if your blog is little read and rarely visited, it will sit there, quietly gaining content, building your authority on the subjects about which you blog. That authority translates into higher search engine rankings.

After a while, you’ll look back and realize that you created a ton of content! I’ve had clients who honestly thought they had nothing to say who are amazed that, once they get started, they can’t stop creating new content for their blog.

And search engines love content. Especially fresh content. Your blog will establish you as an expert, help you communicate with clients, and create content for the search engines to peruse. Within that content will be strings of keywords and phrases that occur naturally in your writing, which will become winning searches for your site and blog.

So, what are you waiting for? Start blogging!

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