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Bonus Points! Linking from Your Blog


In the search engine optimization business, we refer to the “authority” imparted from one site to another as “link juice.” Here’s another post from my Small Business Blogging Blog (from which I am relocating posts to here) on the subject of how linking from your blog will help your main site get higher search engine rankings.

When you post to a blog, you can create links to pages you want to score higher on the search engines. Each link from your blog is like a little reward to the page it’s linking to. The search engines see links to a site, and that site gets points for the link, for the most part. If the link comes from a highly ranked site, you get more points. So if your blog has a high rank, anything you link to will benefit.

The idea with a business blog is that you’re going to link to your site. As your blog gets more and more content, it will get a higher and higher rank. We will, of course, link to your blog from your main site, which will help your blog’s rank, because your site has a good rank.

Or it will.

The idea with the blog is that because it will have a lot of content, it will eventually not only rank high, and spread that high rank to everything it touches, but it will also attract people looking for keywords that we might not have gone for on your main site. Since each blog entry will get its own page, with keywords of that blog entry, we can go after all kinds of combinations of keyphrases that we just didn’t have room for on your main site.

Get it?

Doesn’t matter. Get the basic idea, then go sign up for my Blogs for Small Business Program. I’ll take care of everything. All you have to do is think of something cool to post once a week that’s in some way related to your business!

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