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Social Bookmarking Sites Help Internet Marketing


Social bookmarking, using sites like Digg and Delicious, has grown into a very popular business model. In a way, they’re like little blogs, where you find a page or post you like, and then blog about it through one of these sites, creating a kind of “bookmark” or pointer page, where people can vote on the worthiness of the site, and leave comments about it. These pages about other pages, essentially, can impart a lot of importance to the target site, otherwise known as link juice. I’ve had cases where the digg page about a certain site will be spidered, and then that Digg page will perform very well in a search for those keywords, leading people to your site even before the search engines have even fully indexed it.

Here’s a post I wrote in September of 2007 on this subject. It was originally posted in my Blogging for Small Business Blog.

As I noted over in my SEO blog in The Power of Digging a Hawaii Beach Accommodation, these networking and blogging tools can really help with the SERPs (search engine results pages).  Now that I’ve seen what Digg can do, I’m going to spend more time Digging stuff that I, well, dig. Following this same basic link-juice theory, Delicious should have the same kind of impact. So, from my Delicious page, I’m hoping Google will see the links and reward not only the pages being linked to, but the Delicious page itself.

Don’t forget, if all this is too much for you to deal with (and as a small business owner, I certainly understand the overwhelming amount of work involved), I can do it all for you. Just ask any of my clients about their higher search engine ranks.

The world of social bookmarking and networking has come a long way since I wrote that. Now we have reddit, newsvine, and so many others. While the sites like Digg are dominated by power users, others are more open, and they are all constantly improving to please their users.

If you’d care to toy with any of those sites, please, click the buttons on the share bar below, which is generated by GetSocial and works quite well with these blogs.

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