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Planting Long-string Keyword Peas for Saint Patrick’s Day


I’m an organic gardener. Yesterday, I read a gardening article that mentioned a north eastern tradition of planting peas on Saint Patrick’s day. While this might seem a little extreme to a lot of the locals, I was just out there planting the last of the sugar snaps from last fall.

No, I didn’t post this to my internet marketing blog by accident. I’ve been planting peas on web sites, so to speak, for years now. And those peas never die (as long as you pay your hosting bill). If you fertilize them enough with links from other sites, especially with keyword-rich anchor text links, the peas will grow like crazy and fertilize the ground (site) all around them. If you really work at it, you can grow some long-string beans while you’re at it, and win even more highly-targeted traffic.

What the hell am I talking about? OK, it’s a bit of an elastic metaphor, but I take an existing web site (soil), till it a little, and plant the seeds (keywords) I’ve researched. Those seeds grow into prize-winning pods (search strings) that attract wild-life and hungry humans (potential customers).

What I’m trying to do today, with my most recent project, is seed a site with keywords that combine into long-string keywords well. It’s a little like developing hybrids. I try to take some traits from one pea and make sure they combine well with the traits from another.

Whitecaps Foul Weather Gear online clothing stores sell outdoor gear and rain gear designed for the rigors of sailing. We are a weather proof and waterproof garment company that sells outdoor clothing and accessories designed especially for sailors, both cruising and racing. Our footwear like sea boots and sailing shoes, cold weather gear like fleece and other thermal and protective apparel, yachting wear, team wear, and sailing accessories provide the style and protection sailors need and expect.

It’s wordy, and a little bit clunky. It will probably undergo some revisions from the owner. But it’s basically what I need for growing some long-string legumes. I can link into a page with a paragraph like that using a very long list of long-string keywords. It won’t look spammy, because the anchor texts of the incoming links will not match exactly every time, and I won’t repeat them very often.

For example, I could link in with an anchor text like, “online clothing store that sells foul weather gear.” Or, “waterproof garment company for sailors.” Or, “outdoor gear company that sells sailor clothes.” There are literally hundreds of combinations in there, dangling like so many pea pods, full of what the Google Bot is hungry for!

Be aware of the possible combinations of the keywords on the page. Try to vary the combinations on the page as well, especially for your title tag words. If the words appear on the page in the precise order as the search, but a little jumbled in the title, that’s fine. You’ll do very well on that search, because you have those bonus points from having at least a couple of the words in your title. If the Google Bot sees that the title words are the more general, and the more specific words are only on the page, it will deduce that the page, and perhaps even the whole category or site, applies very well to what that searcher was looking for.

In this case, I’ve worked myself into liking this title:

Outdoor Foul Weather Gear Sailing Online Clothing Stores

There are multiple combinations going on there, and even more if you take them out of order. And they all work in with that opening paragraph very well. As I work through the rest of the site this week, I’ll stumble across possible improvements on these themes. I might even change a few things around at the top. But at this point, no matter how the details go, I’ve got a nice looking garden that’s going to grow out of this one!

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