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How to become a popular blogger in 6 months and help your business too


If I ever needed to know something obscure about the Hawaiian Island of Maui, something I couldn’t find with a Google search, I’d ask my friend Cherie Attix. With little money and a lot of gumption, Cherie bought an old Portuguese farm house in the upcountry Maui town of Makawao, home of the Maui rodeo on the lower slopes of Mount Haleakala. She fixed it up and turned the old Hawaii farm house into the Hale Hookipa Maui Bed and Breakfast, which she runs to this day.

Because of her intricate knowledge of Maui, and the Hawaiian Islands in general, I told Cherie that she should blog; no one could possibly tell more information off the top of their head about Maui than Cherie can. She’s a natural blogger. She’s always out there doing stuff. Hawaii stuff. I told her that after 6 months, if she was willing to put in about a post a week, she’d have a fairly popular blog that would help her web site rankings, and increase her business (assuming all other factors, like a global depression, are factored for).

Breaching Humpback Whale off the coast of Maui Hawaii

Breaching Humpback Whale off Maui Hawaii

Well, here it is almost 6 months later. She’s done her part. We created Hookipa Aikane (home sharing friend) on Maui Hawaii. She’s posted on all kinds of great Hawaii subjects, like Nene Geese, the Holoholo o Wahine (Women’s walkabout), the Princess Ka’iulani Festival, the Hawaiian Paniolo Maui Team Roping Championship, and Humpback Whales.

In return, she’s created a Maui blog with a Google PageRank of 3, not bad for a 6 month old. At first, almost all the traffic to the blog came from the link on her site. Now, she’s generating traffic from off-target words and phrases. She’s created so much content that will pop up in searches, and has intrigued old friends and guests who are now talking about her blog–further supporting her brand. She’s had twice the traffic on her blog in the last three months than the first three. Half of the last three’s total has come in the last month. So that’s a sweet curve.

Almost half the traffic is coming from search engines now, so that’s an additional chunk of people who know about Cherie that wouldn’t have otherwise. That’s thousands of eyeballs that will see her brand that would have missed it if she didn’t blog.

Unique visits to her main site have increase 75% in the last three months, so the blog must be helping. Direct referrals from the blog are still a small percentage, though increasing rapidly. The majority of the increase has come from search engines looking for her main key phrases (“Maui bed and breakfast,” and “bed and breakfast Maui”). That tells me that the blog is helping to push her main site up higher in the search engine results for those searches.

Plus, the causes, people, and other businesses who Cherie blogs about get a little boost in traffic and some link juice, while Cherie is setting out link bait like crazy. Over the years, as people stumble upon her various posts, they will link to them. Even more people will find her that way, and the inbound link-juice will make things even better on the searches. The whole thing becomes a kind of perpetual motion machine.

To be honest, though, she’s blogging about Hawaii. There’s a lot of interest there, and all kinds of built-in searches. None-the-less, there is also a lot of competition for those searches, and now Cherie has found a powerful tool for exploting all the niche subjects about Hawaii that she knows so well, all the while sticking her brand on it. Besides, what’s not to like? It’s about Hawaii!

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  1. Robert permalink
    06/28/2010 5:57 am

    Thank you for sharing your article on how to become a good blogger. Thanks.


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