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Cleaning House


I sincerely meant/mean to post more in this blog, if only for my clients who would like to know more about the technical aspects of what I do. But life is hard for me these days, and it requires a lot of my time just to make the rent each month. And then there is my garden, which has, because of the incessant rains, been covered in weeds and slugs (and these little “soft-shell” snails that our box turtle just loves), and that has really soaked up a lot of my time.

But there has been work in between all that weeding and snail harvesting. Some of that work has been for a client who has helped me with even more than the rent. Since we have family visiting over the summer, and this house collected a lot of dust and grime over the winter, I’ve been actually looking forward to the latest house cleaning blog posts from Margaret at The Clean Sweep, an East Bay Maid Service and Housekeeping Agency serving Contra Costa County near San Francisco.

If you live in the east San Francisco Bay area (you can see their maid service service map here), you can take advantage of the professional cleaning services and spare yourself. If you live somewhere else, or you just can’t afford a professional cleaning service, you should check out their house cleaning blog which includes free tips and hints on house cleaning, home organizing, and home improvement.

I’ll have some more posts coming up very soon, including on a new site for a friend in Hawaii involving Volunteer Tourism in Hawaii.

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