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Discounts from Cupcakes to Weddings


As I recently mentioned in Discount Everything, a post on my Backstage w/ Supak blog, a lot of my clients are trying to find ways to offer less for less in these trying times. Since very few can afford the huge weddings that were so popular not that long ago (what better to do in your overvalued, dangerously leveraged McMansion than go further into debt for a wedding with a carbon footprint reminiscent of the zoom-back in Godzilla to reveal that they’re standing in the impression?), I have clients offering discount wedding catering packages and inexpensive beach weddings on Maui. Another client is offering lodging discounts to people who volunteer while they’re on vacation in Hawaii.

Knowing all this doesn’t prepare me for my weekly look at the Analytics. I saw an increase in visits from keyword variations on the cupcake delivery in Los Angeles theme. My guess is that things are so bad now that people would rather get a dozen birthday cupcakes than shell out for a big fancy cake.

So, one of the things that I’ve learned today from my visit to Analytics (this searching for value has intensified in almost all the searches from which my clients are getting click-throughs) is that I need to publicize the discounts and less expensive options being offered by all my clients. My in-laws’ Cooperstown restaurant is selling more desserts and appetizers than entres, and even the entres have included the occasionally less expensive items (like gourmet hamburgers made from grass-fed beef).

Kauai Hawaii beach house vacation rental now offering discounts!

Even my more high-end clients are offering discounts. I haven’t gotten the details yet, but if you’re looking for a Kauai Hawaii beach house vacation rental that’s now slightly more affordable than it was before, you should follow that link. This client has told me that they’ll be offering discounts now (most likely in the off-season). So, if you’re willing to go to the Hawaiian Island of Kauai while the Humpback Whales are up in Alaska eating, you could save a few bucks.

Ironwood tree on Kauai beach in front of Hawaii beach accommodations

Ironwood tree on Kauai beach in front of Hawaii beach accommodations

I wish I had enough money to want to save some on that, since the place looks fantastic, and in the slow season, there’s going to be a lot less people on this fabulous beach that’s right in front of the house. Every discount cloud has a sunset-colored lining, I guess.

The point is that your analytics are trying to tell you something. Sometimes you’ll find little nuggets of gold in there, and you’re only getting a few hits for them because you’re coming in 10th for it, but if you work on it, and create some anchor text that points at pages that say what it is more clearly, you can move up to 1st, and you’ll be surprised how many more hits that will get you for some terms. I make it a point to try to spend a little time with the analytics once a week. And my most interested clients want to see them once a month (I use the automatic email to send out my invoices, too).

My only fear is that Google will figure out how dependent we’ve all become on Analytics, and they’ll start charging for it…

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