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Graphic Design and Image Search: Logo Power!


Love Your Nuts Logo for Herb Spicy Glazed Nuts

Love Your Nuts Logo

I occasionally manage to get work doing graphic design. There’s not a lot of it, mostly editing photographs for new websites, designing backgrounds for those sites, favorite icons, small web ads and the like. Every now and then I’ll get to do someone’s logo, like this one, for a friend who makes flavored nuts. They’re delicious: some spicy, some sweet… Made with fresh herbs and spices by the good folks at It’s All Good, a gourmet natural grocery store here in Cherry Valley, New York.

One thing is always the same with these graphics: I name them with keywords, and when I use them on the web, I use a different combination of those keywords in the image alt tag.

The alt tag has slipped in terms of prominence in the ranking algorithms. It’s necessary, but not sufficient. It is, however, a courtesy to those people with slow connections, people who turn images off to speed things up, and especially to visually impaired people–the audio page reader will read the image alt tag out loud. But the alt tag is absolutely necessary if you want to win image searches.

We get a lot of traffic to our computer backgrounds photography site through the Google image search. Our Hawaii stuff site, which features free desktop wallpaper pictures of Hawaii, also gets a lot of traffic from image searches. The images that come up in these searches all have the keywords that are searched for in the image names, and in the alt tags. Often, the text around the image has the keywords as well, and the page on which they appear would be a good candidate to do well in a regular search for those words.

So, it’s a good idea to name your images using the keywords that your site is using. Even if the image doesn’t make it to the top of an image search, it still adds the keywords to the page on which the image is used. And it adds those words in a place within the HTML that the google bot isn’t used to seeing them. I’ve found this to be a bonus, albeit a little one. Every little bit helps. If you’re branding, and you should be, getting your logo out there in the image search can be a very valuable thing. Every time a potential customer sees that logo, you’ve etched it a little further into their memory, so why not do this little extra keyword work to get that logo out there even further?

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  1. 09/20/2009 6:05 am

    Your post is informative and dishes out what graphic designers should take into notice for their works and sites to be SEOed. Getting that boost in Google is very essential if you want your work getting all that much needed exposure to prospect clients.

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