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People Floating on Logs Need Lines to Help Them Get to the Party Barge


The internet is a lonely place until you find a niche, and then it can be a very crowded place. In the parlance of the freshwater nautical set, a lot of people floating on logs need you to toss them a line so they can get on your party barge. I thought of this when I was thinking of how my most successful clients have succeeded at pulling in new people to their business through the internet.

Both of these clients, a Los Angeles caterer and a Maui bed and breakfast owner/operator, crank out the content. This isn’t just about writing about how nice a sunset was, or how yet another customer gave a rave review. It’s about creating products (Los Angeles cupcakes or discount programs for volunteers on vacation in Hawaii) that they, and I, can talk about to people who search for those things on line. They see your party barge floating there, lined up nicely with all the others that fit their search parameters. They read the title of your site, and the short description the search engine returned, and they decide which line they’re going to pull (click) to go to the party.

Of course once they’re on board, they have to be convinced that you’re going to continuously bring the party, any time they need it, to their door, rec room, or vacation itinerary. This is where the product matters a lot more than the line I throw them. These business owners have been busting it for decades now, so I don’t have to worry about them closing the deal. I just have to make sure that we consistently get those lines out there. That’s why we developed Cherie’s Maui Blog, Hookipa Aikane, and Emma’s Los Angeles catering blog.

Every blog post, every picture, every sale, every mention in the press, every single difference that can be made in the tossing out of lines must be made, and it must be made consistently and abundantly.

I’m a small time guy. Obviously, we’re consistent, my clients and I, but not always that abundant. I don’t do this full time. But I can see how if you had something that could make a lot of money on line, and you did do it consistently and abundantly, you could put out a lot of attractive lines which people can use to reel themselves in.

Some of the people coming to your barge will be spammers. The more popular your barge gets, the more of those you’ll get. Then, which is especially true with my LA caterer client Emma, you’ll get a lot of people who want to take the job of the person who got you to the top of the search engine result page which they found you winning. I guess they have to start at the top, but it would seem more logical to go for someone who’s coming in 20th than for someone who’s winning a short-tailed key phrase already (since that person already has hired someone to get them there).

But then, the logic of this situation is that the more lines you have out there, and the closer to the front you come when the engine lines up the search results, the more attention you’re going to get from all kinds of people (spammers, job seekers, press, customers, competitors). So, as you get more attention, be prepared to spend more time weeding out the crab grass.

So, get that title and site description tight, well written, and full of the key-phrases for which you’d like to win, then get out there and start throwing out lines that have those words and phrases, written in as many different ways as you can write about them. Dream up new products or promotions and talk about them everyday on your blog. Make sure your blog posts to your social media accounts. Leave comments on other sites that are about your subject, and make sure your signatures there have links to you, and your logo if possible. Try to put up guest posts on other blogs. Offer people the chance to write a guest post on yours. Cross promote your business with charities and other like-minded organizations and businesses.

Keep tossing out those lines!

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  1. 01/15/2010 5:49 pm

    I just want to say, Good article , thanx for all the great posts!

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