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A Simpsons Quote For Everything

Aye Caramba!

Aye Caramba

When we started our free desktop wallpaper site back in 1996, we posted computer background pictures and organic gardening information.  We were broke, I had figured out how to make sites win for searches, and we were making a little money off the affiliate programs. So we looked to our lives for material that would relate to merchandise.

The Simpsons were huge at the time, and we’re big fans.  So, we started work on a Simpsons sounds and pictures site that we could weave in our Amazon and Posters affiliates accounts. When Google Ad words came along, we picked up another source of income. It’s all pocket change, but it helps pay for the costs of doing business.

We didn’t realize at the time that we were creating great link bait. Over the years, the Simpsons site has been a huge draw, and it still garners the most traffic of any section at, with over 800 uniques per month. A lot of those people are linkerati types who create links to our site, and that has helped the main site,, immensely.

Recently, moved up to a PageRank of 5. A lot of that is because of incoming links, and plurality of our inbound links go to the Simpsons site. That alone is reason enough to update the thing more often. So, today, after watching the episode Homer Alone (known in our house as Rancho Relaxo), I grabbed a few of the best shots and made some small screen grabs to download from the Simpsons wallpaper pictures page.

Now I’m making my rounds through my blogs putting up links to the bait I set out (self baitarential). Hopefully these blog posts will get the word out that I have some fun free stuff to download, and we’ll pick up some more links and start that long quest for a PR6.  Aye Caramba.

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