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Optimizing for Long Tail Keywords

Free desktop wallpaper picture of Maui Hawaii state park Polipoli

Polipoli State Park, Maui Hawaii

I’ve mentioned before that both the Google Bot and people searching are becoming smarter. To tap into that intelligent market of people, you need to impress the bot. The best way to do both is to write well. This will also help with conversions, which is really what you’re after. After all, if there’s not sufficient return on investment in internet marketing, what’s the point?

One of the great things about winning searches for long tail keywords (which I consider to be phrases of four words or more) is that you know that the person who searched for that is looking for something very specific. This person is much more likely to purchase that thing once on your site than someone who searched for something more general and probably isn’t really sure what they’re after.

In this article about long tail keyword optimization, Tom Demers gives us some very important information and sage advice about what it takes to rank for these longer searches, and how to make sure you’re getting your fair share of these searchers to your site. First, note that for long tail keywords, on-page optimization constitutes 50% of the search rank algorithm (only 5% for the shorter, more competitive keywords). This is the key, and a huge hint that you need to spend some time writing copy that has a variety of these words combined in as many ways as you can while not hurting your writing.

I’ve said before that it’s especially helpful to use the keywords in as many forms (noun, verb, adverb, adjective, gerund…) as you can. The google bot is a good reader and understands usage. Give it something to think about. After researching which words to use (using traditional keyword discovery techniques and actual searches from your analytics), Tom suggests using modifiers and variations. Same idea. Get the words out there, but don’t just repeat them the same way ad nauseam.

Here’s an example:

Maui weddings are popular because it’s hard to find a more romantic place on earth than Maui, Hawaii. And if you want to get married in Hawaii, Paradise Maui is the Hawaii wedding planning site for you. Their team of Hawaiian wedding coordinators can plan and orchestrate your Maui beach wedding, Maui waterfall wedding, or even a green Maui Hawaii wedding ceremony that you will remember for the rest of your life. From a beautiful sunset ceremony on a gorgeous Hawaiian beach, to a sumptuous catered wedding reception that can be as extravagant as a Hawaiian Luau or as simple as drinks and appetizers, to a romantic honeymoon with a wide choice of accommodations and travel, Paradise Maui Hawaii Weddings Services is the team of Maui Hawaii wedding experts you should contact today.

OK, so that might be a little over-done to make my point, but you get the idea. I’ve used weddings as a noun and and adjective. I’ve worked in Maui, Hawaii, and Hawaiian the same way. This paragraph is thick, and before I used it on any site associated with Paradise Maui I’d clean it up a bit, but the combinations of long tail key words is in there, and the google bot would (will) have a heyday with it. And that was just off the top of my head.

Here’s another one I’ve been working on for myself:

Desktop wallpaper picture of Cherry Valley, NY in winter

The historic village of Cherry Valley, NY

Desktop Wallpaper

Since man first started using computers, he’s wanted a desktop wallpaper picture of something he loves under all his open windows. It’s comforting to have a familiar site, a mind-boggling pattern, or a scenic high resolution nature photograph as the background for computer desktops. Some people paid for their computer backgrounds, but, as the internet grew, more people started offering their own photography and graphic designs as free desktop wallpaper, and more and more people started wanting to download free wallpaper and backgrounds.

As browsers became more powerful, allowing web page backgrounds, a lot of people started offering customized images for use as web site backgrounds. When social networking sites started allowing people to customize their sites, the old computer background images started popping up as Livejournal and Myspace backgrounds. What a shame that Facebook doesn’t allow more customization of personal and business sites, although that hasn’t stopped FB users from downloading free wallpaper and using it as their profile pictures.

As the demand for free background pictures for the computer has exploded, so have the types and amount of cool backgrounds and computer wallpaper. From beach desktop wallpaper to abstract photography for use in graphic arts, photographers and graphic artists have provided a seemingly unending stream of computer desktop images and free graphics for the computer and the web. If you need backgrounds for computer screens for free, you’ll find such a vast array that you may be overwhelmed.

That’s why we created our computer backgrounds photography blog, so you can easily find all the cool computer backgrounds that we’ve spent years creating, compiling, arranging, and promoting. Our photographs and graphic art have been used on countless desktops, hundreds of web sites, and even framed and placed on walls in public places. All of our desktop backgrounds are free, and all we ask is that you observe the terms of the creative commons license an give credit and a link.

This long tail keyword optimized copy is straight-forward but tells a little story. The narrative of a brief history of desktop wallpaper creates a frame in which I can work in all the phrases while only feeling a little clunky. This particular subject batter doesn’t lend itself well to usage variations, but I did get in plenty of modifiers and variations on the theme anyway. Now, with a little more work, I’ll be able to use this copy on a new “about us” page at our desktop computer backgrounds photography blog.

I’d love to see examples of your attempts at this in the comments…

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