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Culinarily Driven Travel Drives My Internet Marketing

An Appetizer from Culinary Delight Catering in Los Angeles

Coconut Lobster Tails from Culinary Delight Catering in Los Angeles

We like to travel and eat. In fact, when we travel, our plans usually reflect our gastro-directionality, and lead us toward something delicious. We love going to Maine, where we have been known to include lobster in every meal for two or three days (lobster Benedict… arrglghhch…). Fantasy vacations include Baltimore during soft shell crab season, Ketchican Alaska (the Salmon Capital of the World), Italy (need I say more), and Ireland for the Oyster Festival.

So it’s no surprise that when I look over all the web sites that I manage for people, they’re chocked full of food and vacation rentals. Caterers, restaurants, Hawaii accommodations, Maui vacation activities, Hawaiian coffee… The web properties I promote look like a long history of palate-pleasing globe-trotting.

These web sites also reflect a tendency we’ve always had to go somewhere and work there, since we never had much money. If we wanted to visit a place, we would just move there and get a job. I did this when I was young, and apparently infected my family with this tendency once I got married and had kids. Even our current adventure near Cooperstown NY seems like a working vacation.

This common thread of travel destinations and food probably looks quite logical to the Google Bot. After all, people have to eat, and eating is a big part of any vacation. This kind of Google bot logic helps me help my clients get higher search engine ranks because I can link them all together and it looks cognitively harmonic to Google. I prominently link vacation rental people together. Romantic Maui vacation rentals naturally link with Maui weddings coordinators. A caterer in New York interlocks well with a caterer in Los Angeles, and they both figure in a link strategy for a Cooperstown restaurant.

These like-minded links can even be stretched to a higher level of inter-linkedness, if you consider the higher categorical imperative of hospitality. In that Platonic realm of ideas, a Kauai vacation rental beach house and a Cooperstown restaurant blog have a lot in common, as do an upstate New York internet marketing firm and a site about volunteering while on vacation in Hawaii.

Since all of these sites carry some authority, with minimum Google Page Ranks of 3, then I’ve created a slew of authoritative links from like-minded sites just because I like food and travel and have managed to attract clients in those fields. It’s the package deal of internet marketing, and it gestalts its way over al-la-carte.

Further, these clients have provided me with content for my guides to fun and free stuff, like my Hawaii stuff site, my free desktop wallpaper site, and my blogs like Backstage w/ Supak and this one. Now I’ve used the clients as content in sites that link to them while using their content, and I’ve got myself a nice portfolio of internet real estate, all inter-connected and passing authoritative, like-minded link juice back and forth.

It’s a resilient community in the virtual world that represents real people, real places, and real food all over the world.

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