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Must See Freebees: The Art of Link Bait

California Live Oak Trees Photographed and Touched up by Carl Bringas

California Live Oak Trees Photographed and Touched up by Carl Bringas

Every now and then I find something so shockingly astounding on line that I just have to link to it. As a member of the “linkerati,” I figure it’s my duty to help people who have something really cool to share. A lot of the time, that something is hidden in a web site that is not heavily traveled, does not show up very high in the search engine ranking pages, and is generally lost in the oblivion of a cold and indifferent world wide web. When I see that travesty, I really feel I need to act.

In this case, the art fell right in my lap. A while back, my Hawaii bed and breakfast client sent some pictures taken by a friend of hers, Mike Eilers, to post on her Maui blog. They were great underwater shots off Maui and Tahiti, including a couple of shots of a sea turtles and humpback whales. I posted them on her blog and on our computer backgrounds blog, and watched as they got a lot of interest and a good bit of links.

Of course, these pictures are all engineered to show up in image searches too, so it’s a double whammy there. Note the use of captions, alt tags, and title tags on these images, and the image names themselves, all of which should help these image score high on image searches.

Sea Turtle off Maui Hawaii photograph by Mike Eilers, retouched by Carl Bringas

Sea Turtle off Maui Hawaii photograph by Mike Eilers, retouched by Carl Bringas

Since Mike didn’t have a web site to link to, I was happy to get his work out there, and to garner a little traffic off of them. I really hope Mike gets a website soon, as I’m sure he has all kinds of great photographs to share with the world. Judging by the results of his collaberation with Carl, I’d say maybe they should cooperate, and post some of their work on Carl’s site.

Or, hell, I’d be more than happy to keep posting their work on my sites! If it helps us all, why not! Let this be a lesson to you webmasters and internet marketing gurus out there: do stuff for free for people and it can really pay off for you!

What started as some photo content for a client’s blog post had turned into some extra content for our photography site. It was a win-win situation, but it was about to get even better!

Just a few days ago, I got a mail from a friend of Mike’s, Carl Bringas, a photographer and post-production touch-up artist, who was wondering if I’d be interested in any of his work.


Photograph, touch-up, and web maximization by Carl Bringas

Photo and touch up by Carl Bringas

Just look at this work. Go see the full size in our Carl Bringas gallery. It’s astounding. Carl has a photography web site, and I encourage everyone to go check out his photography blog. He was nice enough to let me post some of his work over at our photo blog in exchange for a link to his site. It’s a nice trade. I get some great art work to post (content is king, and I’m always looking for new content) and he got a link from a high ranking site that is on subject and can send some serious traffic his way. I hope he gets some work out of it.

In the mean time, he and I will definitely be getting some links out of it, as his work is the very definition of link bait. People who write about free desktop wallpaper for a living are going to find it hard to resist this when it shows up in their Google alert (note for another post: get Google alerts for your keywords).

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