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Another Reason Why I Subscribe to Stephan Miller

Abstract photograph by Robin Supak

Abstract photograph by Robin Supak

In order to keep up with the fast moving world of Internet Marketing, I read a lot of SEO blogs. Most of them go into details I just don’t need, so I spend a lot of time and mouse clicks on the “next item” button in my Google Reader.  But when Stephan Miller gets over his reasons not to blog and actually posts something, it’s almost always worth while.

In today’s Miller post, A Few Updates to My Lists for Building Backlinks, he reminded me of his great compilation of bookmarking sites, which I use on a slow day to make sure I’m getting the free links from the biggies of social bookmarking. Oddly, as a regular user of Digg and Delicious, I often forget to get into the other sites, which I have made mental notes to do, and then promptly forgotten.

First and most obvious is Slashdot, which is no guarantee since actual human editors make the decisions. But if you have something of value, especially to tech geeks, you’ll get in. Today I continued posting my little press release about 13 years of free desktop wallpaper, starting with Slashdot. While I was waiting for the editors to approve that entry, I popped over to Squidoo, which I’d honestly never heard of (How out of it am I?), and started making a lens, which is a web page with text, pictures, feeds and links (with do-follow tags). Took about 30 minutes to step through all the components I wanted, and I wound up with a nice lens about free desktop wallpaper.

It’s quite a list from Miller, enough to keep me busy for many days. All good back link campaigns should start with social bookmarking sites, since the potential link juice from such links is just too good to ignore.

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