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A Cloudy Information Day

The Wordle Cloud for this blog

Wordle Cloud for this blog

Today’s date reminded me that I needed to do some basic work on how Google sees my sites. I’ve been working on my home page a lot lately, trying to update from the unruly behemoth of the last two decades into a lean, mean, free desktop wallpaper machine. Oddly enough, the words you actually have on the page still make a big difference to Google, even in this day of algorithmic love for links.

Back in those last two decades that has existed, I used to be able to make sure that I had the right keyword density on the page, and Google would love me. Those days are gone. Now that the Google Bot has gotten a college degree in web literature, it understands related words, and it wants to see them. If it just sees the same words repeated enough times to get some level of density, you’ll be ignored. It’s like the bot is grading essays, and vocabulary counts.


I’ve been using a great tool to help you get a feel for your cloud of keywords: Wordle. Here’s the Wordle image, on the right. Click through to see the better detail, but even this thumbnail reveals that I’ve managed to reduce my Hawaii influence, which used to be huge, and thereby increase the wallpaper relevance. This is a measure of density mostly, but if you click through, you’ll get a whole bunch of other words about, including pictures, free, backgrounds, posters, photography, and photographs. Also included on the page, but not in this Wordle, are images, graphics, art, and more.

When the Google Bot sees the page, with prominent h1 and h2 tags claiming this site is about free desktop wallpaper, it then expects to see a whole cloud of words that fit into that category. These Wordles are a great help with that. Most of you might be surprised to see that the most prominently featured words on your sites or blogs are not the ones you thought they were. Wordles are a great tool to help you see what your site is about, and to point you in the direction of the content you really want. In my case, I mentioned Hawaii a lot more than I wanted or needed to (since I have a whole site about Hawaii), and hadn’t stressed all the other words that are components of free desktop wallpaper. Thanks to Wordle, I’ve fixed that. Now I just have to do it for all my sites, and that, I’m afraid, is going to take more than one information day.

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  1. 04/18/2010 2:10 am

    What a great post!

    I’ve actually never seen these tools before, but I plan to definitely check them out! I know exactly what you mean about Google’s new algorithmic ways. But Google must change their ways in order to stay ahead of the curve. I will definitely check this out as this is great information that you are providing here.

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