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New Natural Skin Care Client

The Goldpetals Barn surrounded by the flowers used in the natural skin care products.

The Goldpetals Barn near Cooperstown NY

We were recently hired by a local natural skin care products manufacturer from Cooperstown New York: Goldpetals. Ellen White Weir is the owner, and she makes all kinds of natural skin care products. But she also has nature walks, a nature camp for kids, and a lot more.

Goldpetals Aromatherapy and natural skin care products are “flower powered” by the calendula officinalis. The flowers of this pot marigold have historically been used to promote the healing of damaged skin. Goldpetals Aromatherapy products include salves, creams, sprays and botanical oils infused with these golden calendula flowers. We use only high quality essential oils, and the flowers are grown without pesticides outside of Cooperstown, New York, at the Goldpetals Barn and nature preserve.

Ellen doesn’t have a lot of money to spend on her site (more about Goldpetals and Ellen here), so we kept it simple. But that didn’t stop me from fixing the site up for some basic SEO. The title tags were empty, the keywords hardly appeared on the pages at all, and there were hardly any links to the site that I could find.

Just doing those basic things was pretty easy, and now all I have to do is throw some links up and she’ll be doing much better in terms of targeted traffic sent to her site. Traffic for things like Cooperstown nature camp for kids, or plant identification walks in New York, and the like.

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  1. 04/17/2011 9:45 pm

    great job man! and remember always one thing.” money is not big as we people think”. we people are ony the creator of money.whenevr we want it we can make money. no body can stop us by making money . only the thing is that one has to put his/her efforts in his/her job. and simplicity always a eye catcher because it always looks unique. my best wishes are always with you. do something inovative and helped rather motivate him for his work that a person deserves appreciate him ohk…. Nature looks always awesome. Natural things are so beautiful so they need not be artificially decorable.

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