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About Bald Mt. Press

Our kids, Jasmine and Spencer, at the Maui Ocean Center

Our kids, Jasmine and Spencer, at the Maui Ocean Center

Bald Mt. Press is mostly just me, Scott Supak, working on small business web sites and blogs. Most of my clients are extremely small operations with small sites and small budgets. I work with what they can afford to provide a web presence that drives enough traffic to their sites to keep them in business.

Most of my clients tell me, after having me work for them for a while, that they don’t know how they survived without me. Of course, some businesses are better suited for the internet than others. But in these days of phone books being used primarily as doorstops, even local businesses like caterers and cleaning companies can benefit from a web presence that focuses on the local area.

My secret to success has been flexibility. Often, a business can’t afford a lot of money down on a web project, so I’ll work for a monthly or weekly amount, and develop the internet marketing strategy slowly. Other businesses want to jump right in with full blown e-commerce sites as quickly as possible. I have plenty of people who help me in those situations, and we get the job done.

If you’re not sure if someone like me could help someone like you, I offer a free consultation. I can take a quick look at your existing site, or at your business if you don’t have a site yet, and I will tell you, honestly, what you could expect from internet marketing.  A more in-depth consultation runs about a hundred dollars, which is based on my $50 hourly rate. For that kind of analysis, I take a look at your site, your competition’s site, do some preliminary keyword research, and tell you exactly what needs to be done to make your site get higher search engine ranks. In these cases, businesses often have their own web people make the changes. Even then, there is much I can do to help.

On page search engine optimization can only take you so far. The rest of your site’s ranking for the keywords you’re trying to win from comes from outside links to your site. That’s where the internet marketing comes in. Every site that’s winning a substantial search is doing so because it has those search terms arranged in the HTML properly, and they’re getting lots of links. I have a lot of sites I control, including blogs, and my clients are mentioned and linked to from most of them. But that’s just a small corner of the internet.

In order to win your search, especially for competitive keywords, like Hawaii beach accommodation, you need links from more than just me. Internet marketing consists of creating content that will make other people want to link to you. This content, often referred to as “link bait,” will encourage other people to link to your site. By advertising that content in social networking sites (Facebook, MySpace, etc), and social bookmarking sites (, reddit, digg, etc), you can encourage people to link to your sites.

These links in to your site help your search rankings by showing the search engines that you are a respected authority on the subject in question. Each one of those links is also yet another way that people can find your site. Referrals from other web sites will often make up a substantial percentage of traffic.

Usually, my clients pay me by keeping me on a monthly retainer that is tailored to fit their marketing budget. I spend a few hours or so every month, creating links, posting new content, editing blogs, commenting in blogs that are good fits for your subject matter, and searching for marketing and linking possibilities. Many of my clients hire me to write about their businesses, using the articles as new content on your sites or blogs. Due to the large amount of web “real estate” that I own and control, just linking from all my sites from within custom created content could take years.

No matter how small your business, you could get more customers by making your web site the center of your marketing efforts. All branding, advertising, correspondence, products, services, and anything else that can, should mention your web site.

We’re especially interested in helping sites that help the planet. If you have an ecological business, like an organic farm, eco-tourism, alternative energy, or other environmentally aware business, please let us know about it. We’re always happy to help ecologically sensitive projects, and a lot of our existing web real estate is dedicated to being green. This authority in environmental issues is a ready made rankings boost for any green business that hires me.

My email is my-first-name at my-last-name dot com. I look forward to hearing from you!

Scott Supak

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