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Real Time Brand Management


If you’re a brand manager or SEO consultant, you’re going to want to monitor what’s going on in the global social network in regard to your brand, site, or event. While I’m not big enough to warrant the price for this, I’ll quickly recommend that those of you working for a big company take a look at S4 Momentum: a real time index rating for content on the global social network.

S4 Momentum is a project from John Robb of Global Guerrillas. Here’s his recent take on the project, which includes this list of social networking data that the program compiles:


  • Number of Tweets

  • Facebook Statuses

  • Facebook Shares

  • Facebook Likes

  • Facebook Comments

  • Facebook Clicks

  • Digg Votes

  • Reddit Votes

  • Reddit Up Votes

  • Reddit Down Votes

  • Place On Page

  • Clicks

  • Bitly Clicks

  • Delicious Bookmarks

  • Big Blog Mentions

  • Imgur Views

  • Youtube Views

  • Youtube Rating

  • Youtube Favorite Count

  • Digg Comments

  • Reddit Comments

  • Youtube Comments


    As you can see, this is a handy list of data to have available if you’re managing a big-name brand. Being able to quantitatively chart social networking data is exactly the kind of capability you need on any project. I just wish it cost a little less than the $150 a month. Maybe a scaled back version in the $50 a month range for small entrepreneurs like me would be helpful. But if you’re one of the big boys, I don’t see how you pass up the ability to put all this information into forms you can use.

    I’d like to note that I get nothing for promoting this. I just stumbled across it and thought some of you might find it useful. If you go read the Robb post about it, you’ll see that he’s also working on another project that I’m really looking forward to, which he describes thusly:

    Working on a business plan for an open source venture.  It’s very cool and will likely be a non-profit organization.  Shooting for a Google scale venture that can employ millions of people world wide and serve as a way to bootstrap Resilient Communities.

    Robb’s been talking for a while about creating a social network that pays its users. Imagine if Facebook paid it’s users for creating content. Some power users would be millionaires by now!

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    1. 02/20/2011 2:42 am

      S4 Momentum can be a very handy tool. It can extract all linked content and then index it and displays it so that you can use it for other applications. Very nice tool.
      Thanks for sharing this Scott.

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