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Organic Search Results and Organic Gardening


You know that an organic search result is the one you don’t pay for on the search engine results pages (SERPs), meaning you don’t pay the search engines for placement on that page. You may very well have paid me to design, maintain, and market your site, but the actual non-sponsored search results on the SERP are called “organic” because they’re the ones that get there without any synthetic fertilizer (pay per click).

Back in the early days of the web, I had a little FAQ on organic gardening that evolved into one of the first organic gardening sites on the web. I still keep that organic gardening site around, of course, because it’s one of my passions and still gets a lot of readers. I like to think that my wife and I, since we started getting public about our gardening choice, have converted a lot of people to organic through

I’ve never actually done any metrics on it, but I’ve often wondered whether the organic in gardening could ever help the organic SEO SERPs. But now I’ve been seeing signs that Google, and the rest, have gotten quite good at disambiguation. Plus, as noted in an earlier post, people are getting more specific (or at least wordier) in their search strings. So, it’s not likely that putting a link from my organic gardening site to my organic SEO site will do me much good.

But, what the hell… Maybe I’ll try it, and it will turn out that the disambiguation might be worth a point in The Algorithm.

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