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Reelizations about your potential


Reelizations Media is a video production company that specializes in drug rehabilitation and education videos for counselors and medical professionals. I started working for Tom and Diane, who own the business, years ago, and have always been interested in helping them because the cause is good, and the subject matter is varied and challenging to deal with.

The videos are designed for drug rehabilitation professionals to use as educational material in rehab classes and counseling. So, the market is immediately limited, and yet surprisingly large and varied. From prison release programs to medical rehab clinics, these videos have helped counselors reduce dependency and addiction in a variety of settings. The challenge from an internet marketing perspective is to work in the specific phrases that are actually used to search for this subject matter. This involved some serious keyword research and the best of my writing abilities. It still does.

I was happy to hear from Tom and Diane today, as we will be continuing with two of my favorite subjects when it comes to these type of authoritative e-commerce sites: category pages and a blog. I will be setting up a blog soon for them, and it will be perfect for this subject matter. A friend of theirs who is a addiction rehabilitation expert will be writing about the many subjects their videos cover. I expect it will be good reading, a must read for addiction treatment professionals. It will also provide all kinds of specific anchor text for deep linking possibilities.

The category pages are always of big interest to me, because I can drill down specific information, in the form of the most searched for keywords and phrases, that fit under the umbrella of the general key words and phrases I’ve established for the site as a whole. The category pages are where I get a chance to prove to the Google Bot (which, as I’ve said, has become a very discerning reader) that the multitude of material in the site fits under the general description and heading I’ve given it. In this case, I have told the Google Bot that the site is about video resources for drug abuse intervention and addiction treatment and education. The category pages are where I provide specific examples that support that description.

I already have created a data field for a short description of each category, which we’re using on the addiction treatment category page. Take, for example, the short descriptive paragraph for the marijuana addiction videos page:

Videos here help pot smokers see the hazards of marijuana use, and then deal with denial, polydrug abuse, marijuana withdrawal, the long term effects of marijuana abuse, treatment options, and relapse triggers.

The idea here is that we will create a long description data field for each category, and then insert that data into the category page, near the top (of course, that’s where the Google Bot wants to see it). We will build on what we’ve said in the short description, giving the Google Bot (and actual people browsing the site who might purchase a video, especially if they’re convinced you’re really an expert) a chance to see how the specific information and products on the site actually support the general thesis for the whole site. Where Google might not have picked up from the products and product descriptions the exact way in which, say, a video about dealing with marijuana addiction fits into the site, and especially the site’s architecture, the long descriptions will actually spell it out.

So, for marijuana, the long description might wind up being:

Our marijuana abuse intervention and addiction treatment videos help educate pot smokers about the hazards of marijuana use. They help the patient deal with drug abuse denial, polydrug abuse, marijuana withdrawal, the long term health effects of marijuana abuse, rehabilitation treatment options, and relapse triggers.

Note that I have included the main phrase of the site (abuse intervention and addiction treatment videos) at the beginning of the paragraph, and then expanded on the short description in order to target longer string keywords that are more in-depth about this particular subject. Just having these phrases all together helps explain to the google bot how this all fits together. And the better it fits, the higher we score!

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